The Hero unit is the most important unit in Combat Monsters, because if he/she is slain the player who owned it loses. All Heros have different strengths and weaknesses. Using them the wrong way may make things difficult. Heroes also generate Mojo to use for cards.

Warrior HeroesEdit

Doc Pain: Stats (Mojo, 4) (Attack, 1) (Health, 45)

Ouranus: Stats (Mojo, 5) (Attack, 2) (Health, 30)

Lavalem: Stats (Mojo, 4) (Attack, 4) (Health, 35)

Dean: Stats (Mojo, 3) (Attack, 6) (Health, 35)

Ernold: Stats (Mojo, 6) (Attack, 3) (Health, 15)

Archer HeroesEdit

Noigle: Stats (Mojo, 3) (Attack, 3) (Health, 35)

Shaq: Stats (Mojo, 4) (Attack, 2) (Health, 25)

Boneyard: Stats (Mojo, 5) (Attack, 1) (Health, 20)

Silvanus: Stats (Mojo, 4) (Attack, 3) (Health, 20)

Mambo: Stats (Mojo, 4) (Attack, 0) (Health, 35)

Mage HeroesEdit

Alphedai: Stats (Mojo, 6) (Attack,0) (Health, 15)

Raeynor: Stats (Mojo, 4) (Attack, 3) (Health, 30)

Hyssta: Stats (Mojo, 5) (Attack, 3) (Health, 20)

Clank: Stats (Mojo, 5) (Attack, 1) (Health, 30)

Machli: Stats (Mojo, 4) (Attack, 4) (Health, 25)

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