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Chests are items purchased using Coins. They contain a randomly selected group of cards which quantity and quality depend on the type of chest. It is recommended for a beginner to purchase mini chests as most cards are gained that way.

Types Of Chests Edit

Chests come in four varieties which are:

  • The mini chest- costs 400 Rubicoins, Contains 6 random cards (most likely common)
  • The full chest-costs 1,200 Rubicoins. Contains 12 random cards with at least 1 rare, 3 uncommon and 1 monster. There is also a small chance the rare will actually be a legendary card.
  • The mega chest- costs 7,500 Rubicoins. Contains 12 random cards with at least 1 legendary, 3 rares, 8 uncommons and 1 monster.
  • The epic chest- cannot be purchased only earned through achievements, Contains 12 legendary cards!

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